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~ x5000 Launching ~

Hi everyone.

We are glad to announce that x5000💕 server will be officially going LIVE on 07.08.2020 20:00 UTC+3

Thanks to our testers, we did everything we wanted to do.


Mu Antharas is a new gaming project based on the lastest Season 15 server files! This is a private server and we have an excellent custom configuration that you will enjoy.

Also, we have a great development team that will react quickly on any issue and our administrators always respond to the players.

We will be doing reconfiguration if needed and most of the players will approve it.

A strong advertising campaign guarantee that we will have huge online.


Be the part of our server and see you on the battleground:)

Posted: 24 / 07 / 2020
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 [UPDATE] - 9

  • Fixed item overlap issue upon item pick up
  • Fixed Battle Core events Gremory Case reward
  • Fixed selection of wings mix issues related to wings options, luck and chance rate
  • Fixed a conflict between MuHelper and Auto Move function that caused character to keep walking after move
  • Fixed Fire Slash skills issues
  • Fixed Rage Fighter starts attacking party members with Dark Side skill while in party
  • Fixed Ring and Pendants resistance options
  • Fixed invalid attacks number while blinding
  • Fixed custom combo skill issues
  • Changed spawn zone after death in Balgass' Barrack
  • Fixed Fenrir pet chaos mix issues
  • Fixed increase range 4th skill not working
  • Fixed ability to enter Ferea boss zone by abusing the system
  • Fixed Wrath Mastery buff not working when applied more than once
  • Fixed marriage divorce not always set to both sides
  • Fixed durability decrease does not visually apply when using Blessing of Spirit
  • Fixed monster appear with 0 HP sometimes after options reload
  • Fixed Game Server crash
Posted: 24 / 07 / 2020
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Currently this is only one server.